Our Next 10 Club Meeting!

Come join us on Saturday MAY 30th at 3 pm! We will be putting together meals in a bag for the homeless along with "shoe box kits" for the students at the Blind and Deaf School in Salt Lake. Bring a friend, bring your $10.00 and plan on having some fun!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome Valley Girls 10 Club!

Welcome, all of you, to our "10 club" Blog! A place where we can post about all the things we've done, and all the things that we plan to do! I have invited all of you to become "contributing" members of this blog---meaning that you will have the ability to write your own posts and publish them on our blog page. That way all of us will be able to read and comment on each other's thoughts and ideas. At our next meeting I will be giving a small "lesson" on how to use blogger, but in the mean time I would like all of you to try to join on your own---that way if you are unable to do so, I will hopefully be able to help you figure it out at our next meeting. I will be emailing each of you an email with the subject line "you've been invited to contribute to West Valley 10 Club blog" and then another email with detailed instructions on how to do it (just incase you are unable to do so on your own.)  

I am so excited to be a part of our "Valley Girl" club, and hope that each of you will enjoy participating on our blog! 

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