Our Next 10 Club Meeting!

Come join us on Saturday MAY 30th at 3 pm! We will be putting together meals in a bag for the homeless along with "shoe box kits" for the students at the Blind and Deaf School in Salt Lake. Bring a friend, bring your $10.00 and plan on having some fun!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well- it took me a month to get it on here but here it is! This is the second quilt we did for the Humanitarian Center! It turned out really good! We are becoming pro's!! =) So thank you to all who were able to be there and help out!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I found this blog while I was looking for more service ideas that we could do and it really touched me. It was written by a Sister Missionary serving a Humanitarian mission in Ukraine.

Dear Friends,
People always ask "How can I help you? What can we send? My answer to you who are members of the church is attend your Stake Humanitarian Workdays. The above picture is an Orphanage Module that is shipped over in the LDS containers I have previously mentioned. This is where the quilts, wall hangings, newborn kits, baby blankets, handmade dolls and toys go that are made in those meetings. The Hygiene Kits and School Kits are also sent in the containers. One of the first ladies I met here who represented a charity that is from a very poor community pulled out a "School Bag" that she distributed the last time they received help from us. I can't tell you how exciting it was to see those bags go from our Relief Society to Welfare Square and end up here in Ukraine. I see your faces sitting over your sewing machines at home making these beautiful quilts and school kits that are so cherished by these children. One Sister missionary told me the first time she took Hygiene Kits to an orphanage one little girl just clung to it. She didn't even want to open it. She just held it close to her chest. The first time I went to an orphanage I spoke with a little girl who was clinging to a very old raggedy barbie doll with no clothes and a little broken comb and empty perfume bottle. Your handmade gifts are so very special and greatly appreciated. My dear friends, the blankets or school bags, or hygiene kits that you make may not come to Ukraine but I promise you the Humanitarian dept will send it to a country where some little girl or boy will cherish it and feel the Saviors love through your act of service. I want you to know that we are distributing these items all over Ukraine and I am so proud to be able to say "they come from the LDS families all over the world". We also tell them that the money we use to purchase other items they request is money that comes from LDS families all over the world. This money comes directly from your donations. Some of you may not be able to attend meetings or sew at home but you can help another way; you can donate to the Humanitarian Fund on your tithing slip. I am so grateful to be able to be here in Ukraine bringing the love of the Savior to these people. I love this work

I loved reading her blog! The service done for the Humanitarian center really does make a difference to people even though we don't get to see where it goes when we return it to the Humanitarian center. It doesn't look like this blog has been updated this year at all but I encourage you to look at it (http://peaceablewalkldshsp.blogspot.com/). She also talks about some orphanages in Ukraine. It is really touching and makes me so thankful for what I have, and even more excited to give my time and anything else I can give to help those who have less than I do.

Monday, March 30, 2009

March Project

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! to everyone who has donated to the 10 Club since January! This is what we were able to do with the donations. For March's project we are helping a Sudanese family in West Valley. This is a family of a single mom, 6 kids, and a new baby boy on the way. So we decided to get them a few things to help them out with the new baby. We were able to purchase a car seat, diapers and wipes, two little outfits, and a package of onesies. We also thought it would be fun to put together an Easter basket for them with coloring books, crayons, silly putty, and of course Easter candy!! I am so excited to deliver this to the family and I will write again after we do to share details on how it went! I am so grateful that with all of us working together we are able to help such a wonderful and deserving family!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

February's Ten Club Project

Here is the quilt we tied at our February Ten Club meeting. We will be giving it back to the Humanitarian Center to be given to someone in need!

No One Goes Away Empty Handed

About a month ago, we had a wonderful relief society lesson about giving and I thought I would share this quote with all of you, it was given by Brigham Young on June 8, 1846:

"The first year that I came into this valley I had not flour enough to last my family until harvest, and persons were coming to my house every day for bread. I had the blues one day; I went down to the old fort, and by the time I got back to my house I was completely cured. I said to my wife, Do not let a person come here for food and go away empty-handed, for if you do we shall suffer before harvest; but if you give to every individual that comes, we shall have enough to last us through.
I have proven this many a time, and we have again proven it this year. I have plenty on hand, and shall have plenty, if I keep giving it away. More than two hundred persons eat from my provisions every day, besides my own family and those who work for me. I intend to keep doing so, that my bread may hold out, for if I do not, I shall come short. Do you believe that principle? I know it is true, because I have proven it so many times...
You who have flour and meat, deal it out, and do not be afraid that you will be too much straightened, for if you will give, you will have plenty, for it is God who sustains us, and we have got to learn this lesson. All I ask of you is to apply your heart to wisdom and to watch the providences of God, until you prove for yourselves that I am telling the truth."

I have seen these principles come true in my own life. When I was in college, all of my roommates and I took turns each night to make dinner. We went shopping together and we split the bill, that way there weren't 6 girls all in the kitchen trying to fend for themselves every night, and it was wonderful because there was always a good meal to eat. Sometimes, actually quite often, there were many more people over for dinner than just us. Boyfriends, neighbors etc. that of course we couldn't just send home---but sometimes I would look at our dinner, and then count the people in the room, and I would think to myself, there is NO way this is going to feed 9 people. But all were invited and everybody ate, and I was always amazed that everyone was able to have enough food on their plate to get full. If we give we will receive...and that always is the case!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome Valley Girls 10 Club!

Welcome, all of you, to our "10 club" Blog! A place where we can post about all the things we've done, and all the things that we plan to do! I have invited all of you to become "contributing" members of this blog---meaning that you will have the ability to write your own posts and publish them on our blog page. That way all of us will be able to read and comment on each other's thoughts and ideas. At our next meeting I will be giving a small "lesson" on how to use blogger, but in the mean time I would like all of you to try to join on your own---that way if you are unable to do so, I will hopefully be able to help you figure it out at our next meeting. I will be emailing each of you an email with the subject line "you've been invited to contribute to West Valley 10 Club blog" and then another email with detailed instructions on how to do it (just incase you are unable to do so on your own.)  

I am so excited to be a part of our "Valley Girl" club, and hope that each of you will enjoy participating on our blog!